Skammdegi / Dark winter

Added on by Annie Ling.

Tomorrow, I'll be embarking on a wild, new adventure and challenge. As a recipient of the Skammdegi AIR Award (and my first artist residency to date), I can't help but confess that utter thrill mixed with mild fear is setting in as I prepare to leave the sunshine behind for two months of cold, dark isolation in northern Iceland. Brrrrr just thinking about it.

Skammdegi in Icelandic means dark winter or short sunlight winter.  December 21 is the shortest day in Iceland. The sunlight is from 11am to 3pm only.  Listhús í Fjallabyggð where I'll be based is located in Olafsfjordur, north Iceland, which is surrounded by mountains. That means during December and January, the sun never can rise up higher than the mountains. As a result, the lands are always covered by a mysterious reflective lighting. Amazing, right?

This newly established award will allow me to maximize the possibility of working in dark winter. I've got several ideas I'm pumped to explore and some exciting things lined up. But I'm predicting what's really going to keep me from going mad will be the chance to engage, learn from and collaborate with ten other incredible multidisciplinary artists joining in on the fun, also flying in from afar this winter. 

Alright, I gotta get back to packing! Looking forward to posting updates from there, so stay tuned. Things are about to get interesting...