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"Awhereness" project featured today on Feature Shoot

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Thank you Feature Shoot and Sukruti Anah Staneley for writing this feature! Excerpt from FS:

"For her work Awhereness, Annie Ling, a Taipei-born photographer from New York, spent two months traveling through parts of Romania and Moldova to meet with the survivors of sex trafficking and listen to their stories. Using a medium format camera, Ling tries to eschew sensational images and instead approaches her subjects with a sense of quiet, acting as a listener. Through her project, she focuses on where trafficking happens and how people overcome this chapter in their life. Ling’s work traces the effect of such spaces on these women and how it shapes them."

Awhereness is currently on view as part of Take Ten, a group exhibition at ICP, from January 17 – March 15, 2015.

"A Floating Population" in Fast Co. Design & Epsilon Magazine

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It's hard to believe we're already at the halfway mark of my first major solo exhibition "A Floating Population" since it opened at MOCA this past December. We've received remarkable enthusiasm and support both in the community and beyond for the show, which features around eighty images spanning four years of work in Chinatown. Through public programming, panel discussions and walking tours around the exhibition at the museum, we're able to engage audiences with this body of work in a richer and more dynamic way than ever before. What's especially exciting to me is that all new current exhibits at the museum ("Portraits of New York Chinatown" by Tomie Arai, and "The Lee Family Since 1888" show) are taking a closer look at contemporary Chinatown, making this a distinctly historical season for the museum and the neighborhood.

The show is up till April 13th, so I wholly encourage a visit to MOCA in Chinatown soon! In the meantime, thank you Fast Company Design, Epsilon Magazine (below) and countless visitors for highlighting the show thus far.

Free for 24 hours

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The folks at The Quarterly (A new UK photo publication which I had the pleasure of working with this year) just announced that the digital edition of Issue 2: Life and Culture  (128 pages of exclusive, fresh content by 20+ artists) will be free for downloading until the new year kicks in!

The Quarterly was mentioned in the December issue of the formidable BJP - The British Journal of Photography's feature on stand out publications with a photographic bent in their annual issue of everything cool & noteworthy.

Inside, you'll find a new set of images I produced this fall titled Anonymous. A departure from my usual way of working, this series of cyanotypes created in collaboration with gun-owners at a gun club in Pennsylvania meditates on guns as loaded symbols of freedom, defense, control, and power.


The Art of Roommating / This week in NY Mag

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This was truly one of my favorite assignments to date. In less than a week, I met over two dozen individuals sharing space in six different neighborhoods throughout NYC. It was a blast working with such a variety of people and situations: a house of aspiring actors, couples sharing space with other couples, an unlikely pair of seniors, a Jewish student housing community/kibbutz, a drag queen coupled with an art director, and so on...

Usually, I'm asked to work digitally but in this case, the wonderful editors at New York Magazine encouraged me to use film (a medium I often favor for personal projects).

Thanks to the genius and hard work of my editors Roxanne Behr and Jody Quon who put this all together, and Jhoanna Robledo for writing this fun and insightful piece.

Here are some of my favorite outtakes including extras from more roommate shoots while on assignment.

See it online here.

Music is my escape

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Over the past couple of years I've had the pleasure of spending some quality time with incredibly talented artists and friends for whom music flows in their veins. Images below have appeared in The FADER Magazine, or have graced the covers of albums and EP releases in recent years. Tonight, a select number of these prints will be on display at a friend's house show in Harlem.

Here's a preview from shoots with the formidable hip-hop artist and entrepreneur El-P; the thoughtful man at the piano Ryan Redebaugh; the producer, visual artist, and wizard Slava; and wicked-with-words singer-songwriter Rachel Zylstra.

Destruction of Breezy Point. Two months ago.

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In the aftermath of Sandy, I found myself in the submerged gated community of Breezy Point, Queens. Bridges to the Rockaways were reopened Tuesday evening just before dark so rescue aid workers could be shuttled in and out. Silhouettes meandering in a twilight canopy, I was one of few figures cutting through the silence, wading past firetrucks and empty houses cloaked in the hazy red glow of flashing sirens.

The next morning was a different scene as journalists and photographers flooded the area. The light of day exposed the extent of destruction for residents returning to assess varying levels of damage and property loss. An elderly woman sat for an hour on what was formerly her front yard, her chair facing the ashes of the house built over sixty years ago by her husband and son. Her children and grandchildren picked through the charred remains of her home one in a block of one-hundred-and-eleven destroyed by a furious fire after a major evacuation few days leading up to the storm.

I jumped on the back of a truck ferrying locals along the coast of the peninsula. Between two shrubs, I caught a glimpse of a red-haired woman who later introduced herself as Grace. She was poised majestically in a fur coat, planted in a chair on her front porch with a bottle of yellow Gatorade in one hand and a cane in the other. The blank stare in her eyes told me she was in shock. The night before when the hurricane hit, she was alone in her house without power while water rose up to her waist. "I just prayed, and prayed and prayed all night" said Grace, while she slept huddled on a portable hospital bed with her material possessions swimming around her.

Here's a first glimpse of these humbling encounters in Breezy Point, one of many communities still recovering from the aftermath of Sandy.  Below are select images for publication from a photo essay proposal to a magazine's December issue.

Four years ago today...

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11/04/08. Harlem, New York, NY. Cheering masses crowd the streets and 
block traffic to celebrate with Obama supporters driving through Harlem 
just hours after Barack Obama made history by winning the election to 
become the first black President of the United States.

11/04/08. Harlem, New York, NY. Cheering masses crowd the streets and block traffic to celebrate with Obama supporters driving through Harlem just hours after Barack Obama made history by winning the election to become the first black President of the United States.