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TNY Photo Booth Hall of Fame

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My editor at The New Yorker informed me not long ago that Independent Mothers made it into Photo Booth's top ten hall of fame for most clicks, and was picked up by The New York Times in their “What We’re Reading” column. Internazionale in Italy and the Stuttgarter Zeitung in Germany was also quick to pick up the series. The overall response to this project has been overwhelming, and I believe the interest is due largely to the project's ability to highlight the strength and independence of single mothers in Iceland while bringing to question the treatment of single mothers elsewhere. Mere minutes after the post went online, the Embassy of Iceland in the US re-tweeted it, lauding "the strong women of Iceland", setting an example for the rest.

Awhereness featured in Incandescent, Issue 7

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Look for Awhereness in the latest issue of Incandescent, a color film zine published by Pine Island Press, Portland Oregon. It is now available for purchase online, in these shops, and at the LA Zine Fest in a couple weeks! Don't miss the series on view in the Take Ten exhibition along with the work of nine other women photographers at ICP's Rita K. Hillman Education Gallery in New York City.

"Awhereness" project featured today on Feature Shoot

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Thank you Feature Shoot and Sukruti Anah Staneley for writing this feature! Excerpt from FS:

"For her work Awhereness, Annie Ling, a Taipei-born photographer from New York, spent two months traveling through parts of Romania and Moldova to meet with the survivors of sex trafficking and listen to their stories. Using a medium format camera, Ling tries to eschew sensational images and instead approaches her subjects with a sense of quiet, acting as a listener. Through her project, she focuses on where trafficking happens and how people overcome this chapter in their life. Ling’s work traces the effect of such spaces on these women and how it shapes them."

Awhereness is currently on view as part of Take Ten, a group exhibition at ICP, from January 17 – March 15, 2015.

Free for 24 hours

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The folks at The Quarterly (A new UK photo publication which I had the pleasure of working with this year) just announced that the digital edition of Issue 2: Life and Culture  (128 pages of exclusive, fresh content by 20+ artists) will be free for downloading until the new year kicks in!

The Quarterly was mentioned in the December issue of the formidable BJP - The British Journal of Photography's feature on stand out publications with a photographic bent in their annual issue of everything cool & noteworthy.

Inside, you'll find a new set of images I produced this fall titled Anonymous. A departure from my usual way of working, this series of cyanotypes created in collaboration with gun-owners at a gun club in Pennsylvania meditates on guns as loaded symbols of freedom, defense, control, and power.